KX250f / RMZ250 EVO Shift STAR Installation

  Drain oil.  
  Remove the large clutch cover on the right side of the engine. The 6" clutch cover will come off with it.
  Remove the 5 (6?)10mm headed clutch spring bolts. (5? 6?... sorry, doing this from memory)
  Remove outer clutch pressure plate.  
  Remove 27mm clutch nut and the below thick washer. Use an air or electric impact for ease.
DON'T try to wedge a screwdriver on the clutch spring posts to stop it from turning if you try to us a socket and ratchet or breaker bar - You WILL break one of them.
  Remove clutch plates. Keep them in order for reassembly!
  Remove the "clutch hub, inner" and set aside.  
  Remove the clutch basket. along with the clutch shaft sleeve and needle bearing.  
  Go to the left side of the bike and remove the shift lever 10mm bolt can usually be reached from below with a socket and extension.
  Tap the shift shaft in and remove it completely on the right. Don't forget the steel thrust washer that will probably stick to the engine case. Take it and put it back onto the shift shaft so you don't lose it or forget it.
  Go to the "shift star" location and remove the countersunk philips screw that is just above the "star" and also remove the lower screw / bolt that holds the plate around the "star".  
  Remove the "star" hold down stud / bolt. Turn the star until the shift drum is at it's full range, probably in first gear.
Then remove the stud and the stock star.
 It takes a 12mm deep socket.
  If replacing the stock detent arm with a Factory Pro Microbearing Detent Arm, remove the stock arm by removing the 10mm nut, the 6mm thrust washer, the stock detent arm, the "tophat" washer and the stock spring.  
Replace the stock arm with the new Factory Pro Detent Arm - So, it's spring, tophat washer, detent arm, thrust washer and 10mm nut.  
Install new Factory Pro Detent STAR.

Use a screwdriver to hold the detent arm away from the STAR.
DO NOT press against the BEARING RACE or YOU will break it!!!
Push against the arm, only.

If, god forbid, the steel pin in the shift drum comes out, the proper hole is location is:
one hole is at 2 o'clock and the other is at 6 o'clock:
The pin goes in the 6 o'clock hole.
  Now, replace the shift pawl and retainer / indexing plate and replace that upper philips screw and whatever holds it down on the bottom.