Aprilia RSV4 Shift Spring Install

If this intimidates, you.....

Slowly step away from the 1/2 air impact wrench......

1. Aprilia Shop Manual
(for "stuff")
2. New Aprilia clutch cover gasket (not supplied)
(you have 90% probability you can reuse original, but I'm not that lucky)

3. Normal mechanic's tools

4. 5mm allen wrench

5.  1/2" Impact wrench
(for 27mm clutch nut)

6. std depth 27mm socket

7. new clutch cover gasket

Drain the oil.

Remove the clutch cover and secure out of the way.

Careful, the starter idle gear    usually falls out.
Carefully remove the 6 5mm headed clutch allen screws.

Sometimes the steel bolt "post" unscrews with the clutch screw - No matter, you can take the post and screw apart later and loctite the post into the clutch hub.
Remove the outer pressure plate.

Note the staggered semi-circles on the clutch tabs.

Keep that relationship (look at the Aprilia Service manual).

I'm sure there's some magic in the setup but it appears that every 2 change. Or there's an snickering engineer overseas who likes red herrings.
Now, remove the 27mm clutch nut. It's "normal" thread. Be sure to "unstake" the nut flange (if yours is staked).

Under the nut is a thrust washer (check that in the manual, I'm doing this from memory) and the slipper clutch 3 legged spring.

You can see, at 7 o'clock,  that one of our "clutch spring posts" unscrewed with the clutch screw.
Remover inner clutch hub and the thrust washer.
Gently pull the outer clutch basket out.

Then remove the caged needle bearing     from the shaft.

Clutch hub and oil pump gear removed.

There is a steel thrust washer    on the clutch shaft that can stay there.

Here is the  spring you are replacing.

Unscrew the pivot bolt.    Use a pair of pliers to hold the detent are from bearing on the screw - to protect the last few threads or loosen the pivot bolt and angle the bearing on the arm outwards, towards you, to get it off the "star" section and out to the "pin" section for less preload. 
After you have removed the arm and stock spring, assemble the stock detent arm and the new spring and
It goes:
Stepped steel washer (step facing arm)
   flat steel washer
and then
the spring

Arm shown in slack position

Arm twisted in more normal position.

For getting that arm to line up with the stepped washer, a good set of 6" pliers to wiggle the arm around a bit as you are tightening up the pivot bolt in stages.

 If you don't line up the stepped washer with the detent arm's pivot hole, the arm will be pinched and not move freely when the bolt is tightened.

After the bolt is tight, use the pliers to test the arm for free movement.

Grab the arm - not the bearing.
Check that the bike shifts through all the gears.

You will  have to turn / rock the clutch shaft to allow the gears to align, though. Just rocking the clutch shaft back and forth is sufficient.

Shift and rock and shift and rock as required to get all the gears, up and down.

It should feel and sound more "snappy".

If it doesn't shift through all the gears, something's not aligned.
Line up oil pump gear, flange out to back of the clutch basket and place basket onto the clutch shaft. 

Replace the needle bearing.

If everything is lined up, the needle bearing will be level with the floor of the basket.
Replace the thrust washer.

Replace slipper clutch hub. 
Replace thrust washer and inner clutch hub. 
Replace slipper clutch spring, washer and nut.
Torque to Aprilia specs.

Stake lock flange (not done yet in this pic) 
Install the 1st 3 plates and then install the "break free" rings. 
Continue to reinstall the rest of the plates, keeping the original tab offsets.   
Reinstall clutch springs and screws.   
Install the new gasket and cover, making sure the clutch throwout is aligned.


Comments? I must have missed something!
All OK?

Put all the rest of this stuff back on.

Definitely use LocTite on the clutch nut and torque to factory Aprilia specs.


Aprilia Shop Manual
is the
Last Word
in assembly procedures!

If in doubt at all - do what your manual says.

Do all safety checks necessary. Test ride carefully!

Any problems? Call 800 869-0497 ask for Tech

Enjoy your new sweet shifting! And be able to "find" neutral.

Marc Salvisberg

comments / corrections / additions?



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