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Carburetor Recalibration Kits

F-Pro shift detent spring   


pn: z95-612-099


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Help to Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.

The bikes have kind of lazy shift action.

A customer told me that "Yeah, it doesn't shift nicely, I just boot it when it's important that  I don't miss a shift.".

Our opinion is that if you nudge the bike out of one gear, it ought to go into the next gear.

 The stock shifting, on some bikes, can be sketchy under even recreational use.
Some bikes, more than others, have a propensity for false neutrals and missed shifts in critical situations.

Changing the oil can make, maybe a 10% difference and perhaps moving the lever up or down can make a 10% difference - and this simple spring kit is something like an 70% difference.
In other words, use any old oil and have your lever set almost anywhere realistic and it will still shift well.

Factory Pro can massage your shift mechanism into a "sick, snick, snick"  shifting transmission.

Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.
Installation: About 1-2 hours - requires clutch basket removal and replacement.

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