Graham Gillies with his s1000rr
October 23, 2013 Andronico's parking lot

BMW S1000rr
std and HP4
2009 - 2016

awesome bike.

Graham Gillies with his s1000rr
We do S1000rr scheduled servicing with service reset, shift spring installation, race and trackday bike tuning, suspension upgrades, tires

 Scheduled maintenance
Suspension upgrades
Safety Wiring

Classic mount and balance of tires.

 We balance tires with the force of gravity - like the deities intended.
Just like they do at an AMA National

Shift Spring Installation

Wheelsmith Racing - Retail Shop
(San Francisco area - North Bay - Marin)
415 472 4962

Jeff Lane WMRRA #97
Gearbox / Transmission Shift Improvement - helps prevent missed shifts, including downshifts

Version 2016
 F-Pro Shift Spring 

pn: Z95-B10-X085-B71


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Sept 2013

Sept 2013
 I haven't got one false neutral yet. Used to be once a race... do it...

April, 2013
Can you send me one of the wonderful shift springs to Germany? I need one for my hp4! Can you tell me a price for the spring include shipping to Germany, please.
   Many thanks,

Factory Pro's  BMW Shift Spring - latest X085 updated version
BMW makes a pretty tough gearbox.

Improve  BMW gearbox missed upshift and downshift problems. Makes even the stock quickshifter work better.

Improves shift speed by 7ms to 12ms each shift - up and down - and helps eliminate missed up shifts and more consistent down shifts, especially under trackday and race conditions.
Helps prevent shift engagement dog and shift fork damage caused by missed shifts.
Better shifting - even at race speeds - even with the stock BMW quickshifter.

Easy install - just have to remove clutch basket assembly. No case splitting required. Takes 1-2 hours. Suggest have a BMW Service manual.

reference: stock spring and detent arm assembly (same all years, inc 2016)
2009    23 00 7 716 793
2010    23 00 7 716 793
2011    23 00 7 716 793
2012    23 00 7 716 793
2013    23 00 7 716 793
2014    23 00 7 716 793

inc HP4

stock drum and star - not part of Pro Kit

 for smoothest, most effective shifting with  Aftermarket programmable quickshifters:
If using a "switch type" quickshifter shift rod sensor (like Dynojet), with programmable "shift kill duration" delay, you should subtract 5ms to start.
"HM" strain gauge type quickshifters - may want to look in to decreasing "sensitivity" a bit as the shift completes quicker with the spring, Changing sensitivity to "less" is similar to decreasing  "shift kill duration".

2016 overall champion Kyle Ohnsorg 3 track records BIR "Donny Brooke" 197 mph top speed main straight track record 1.39.412

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Dave Thomas #808 
Thunderhill, California

posted Aug 2015

posted Feb 2012
Abdulla Khalid
posted 2011

Night Ride on Losail International Circuit
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JOS Endurance Team
Jens Schilling
Ralf Lemmermann
Lars Albrecht

Thanks A&S BMW, Roseville, CA for the graphics and part numbers

BMW S1000rr testing blog (read from bottom up^ - that's how it's written)


The Shift mechanism shift spring made the bike shift quicker. The gearbox shift mechanism was pretty lazy. No more missed shifts (I meant fewer missed shifts, more secure shifting and quicker).

Ahh!  :-)  Here's Mark Cantin's most excellent article with a lot of BMW supplied info

According to BMW, too, power is the same 193 at peak with Sport, Race and Slick modes.

How it all works together
The four Mode setting allow a rider to select a set of variables according to riding conditions, preferences and skill level.



Power/ Throttle Response


Power Freeze
Lean Angle

Wheelie Control


153 hp, 5%

High DTC
Anti rear wheel lift ABS


5 sec before throttle is reduced


193hp, 5%

Medium DTC
Anti rear wheel lift ABS


5 sec before throttle is reduced


193hp, no

Light DTC




193hp, no

Very Light or no DTC



Slick, Race and Sport Modes all make the same power at full throttle. Any minor variations in power are in the Factory Pro industry standard 1/2% repeatability range.
If I was doing close R&D work, we could get a little tighter on the repeatability,
Mostly, we were trying to verify what some other dyno company said - that was that Race Mode made 4-5 more hp than Sport Mode at full throttle.
It doesn't when power measured under load - maybe it does in a 6 second 4th gear sweep (as if that's "real world").

Slick, Race and Sport make most "full throttle power".  About 160 True hp today.
Rain makes almost the same power up till 7000 rpm, then, about 12 hp less at 8000 rpm and around 40 hp less at 12,000 rpm.

Slick, Race and Sport modes have differing levels of traction control - based on how far the bike is jeaned over (based on solid state gyroscopes).
That's the short answer - I think it's a bit more complex than that  - as in "can you do a burnout"? If so, in which modes?

Slick, Race and Sport make, probably, most to least, power at smaller throttle openings.
There are other slight differences in fueling in the different modes.

When installing clutch, make sure all notches on the backside of the clutch basket are lined up.
Telltale: if the clutch lever has more free play than before, the notches aren't lined up.

Took airbox off - to look
Primary stack 59mm od and 54mm id.
Secondary stack about 2.25 inches
Throttle return spring too stiff

     59mm od, 54mm id

    about 2.25" overall height secondary stack


Still want to see if Rain, Sport, Race and Slick TC settings make more power. The local dealer said that they were told that a dealership level dyno at Leo Vince said that RACE makes 4-5 more djhp than SPORT Mode (it actually makes the same power at full throttle Sport, Race and Slick)..

Team called up and said that, according to a SoCal dealership,  weird traction control function might be caused by the PC5 being wired in a way that interferes with the CAN communication stream used by the Bosch systems (which is made in Hungary, btw).

Drove a few hundred miles to our spring manufacturer yesterday afternoon. Saw a WW2 3400 hp (12,800 dynojet hp :-)  B-25 at the airport near there. I have 2 hours of logged flight instruction in a B-25. Take a guess at how much fuel costs... a B-25 burns about 160 gallons per hour at $5 a gallon at low power "cruise". $800 an hour for gas.

Got home after 9pm. We hand made about 20 prototype shift springs.
Tried them today to try to dial in better shifting. Finally settled on a spring that I first guessed wouldn't work. Just goes to show that when you "think" you know,... you don't really know,

I have more of the springs that worked.

"traction Control not switching" problem was potentially bypassed - Rider says roll the bike around a bit and the traction control will then change, like it's supposed to. We did, and it "straightened out and flew right", At least today,

Traction control control hexed. Worked 2 nights ago, now it won't change. Yes..... Mode push till desired mode selected. Pull clutch lever in and release. Worked 2 nights ago, but, not today...... Talked to rider.... he says try rolling the bike around sometimes made it switch.

Pulled clutch to get at shift mechanism to address shift issues on the track.
Nice. Easy. Very japanesey looking. 27mm clutch basket nut. 12 point 6mm socket to remove detent pivot bolt.
Looks promising. Drove 200 miles out to Central Valley to make a batch of prototype springs. Shift mech could be better.

Switching to pump premium and will test Slicks, Race, Sport, Rain Traction Control horsepower output, later.

RED = pump premium   164 true hp peak and 5 hp better midrange. (164 True x 1.25 = 205 djhp)
Blue = Sonoco GT260 AMA spec fuel  163.3 true hp peak. (163.3 True x 1.25 = 203.75 djhp)
".7" hp is well within the 1/2% range of repeatability - so, best I'd be able to say is that both fuels made about the same peak hp. Midrange, though - the pump premium 91 octane, was better than the Sunoco AMA spec fuel. (and according to AMA tuners, the Sunoco AMA spec fuel isn't as strong as pump premium)

maybe needs more or less ignition timing, using 5 gas ega and steady state dyno as clue. Has poor co2 numbers when making best power.
Interestingly, when just looking at residual O2,  the dynojet "autolink mapping" looked ok, but according to power produced at "other than right AFR". the engine wanted something different and was smoother and made more power under load with different fuel amounts.

w AMA spec fuel, 163.3 true hp retuned with Arrow system and stock air filter, Traction control off (or it dies at about 10.7k)
Was ~160 with dynojet autolink mapping.

no power light PC5 secondary box, disconnected it. Has dynojet injector connectors with no connector locks.
PC5 is used to cut fuel to secondaries for quickshifter to kill all 8 injectors. Rider was having trouble shifting as he was assuming that the qs was killing the engine (but it likely wasn't).
Told mechanic to call dynojet.

turn off traction control or bike shuts off at about 10.7k rpm on EC997 dyno.

Can't get rear wheel to slip on EC997 dyno roller on dyno.

non optimal "AFR target based" mapping, too rich in more than several places

Race traction control

at 10.7k, bike burps then shuts off engine until key is switched off then back on.

PC5 installed and tuned by dj

stock engine

traction control




Slick tires Mode (requires connector plug to activate)

non optimal mapping

at 10.7k, bike burps then shuts off engine until key is switched off then back on.