Ducati 748r
Factory Pro Series "D748"

Your pristine 748r doesn't run properly at full throttle/low rpm or part throttle, higher rpms?

It's not because it's a racebike - it's just mapped improperly.

   2000 System:  Marelli "1.6" electronic injection, 54 mm throttle body, shower injector
2001 System:  Marelli "1.6" electronic injection, 54 mm throttle body, shower injector

2002 System:
 with 1.6  ecu Marelli electronic injection, 54 mm throttle body -
must check ECU and Injectors.
 Some 2002 748r's have the old P-8 ecu and there is only custom tuning for the P-8 ecu and it never idles well.

Factory Pro's own
GP Gold Eprom

This is the chip that takes the mystery out of how to get a 748rs to run cleanly.
Factorini Provente
Hybrid Ceramic Pro Shift Kit

Shift quicker, miss fewer shifts, shifts better - up and down, find neutral easier Trackday bike "must have".
Performance Friction Brake Pads Lighter weight  "Shift  Right"
 Shift Centering Spring
For Easier Shifts

Performance Friction / PFC Brake pads - bite or linearity  when when you want it - your choice.
Off Highway Brake Pads  

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go to Factory Pro's Performance Friction Brakes page

Quietly winning championships for 30 years.

Factorini Provente Microbearing Shift Kit - quicker shifting and virtually eliminate missed shifts.
Combine the Shift Kit and the Lightweight Centering Spring for the ultimate.

SHFT-PRO-D748/696-CER   $129.95

Hybrid Ceramic MicroBearing F-Pro Detent Arm and F-Pro spring. Does not include clutch cover gasket.

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right under the clutch

stock arm to left, Factory Pro MicroBearing to right

Factorini Provente Shift Kit

Love the bike? Except for the shifting? Hard to find neutral? Misses downshifts on the track?


The famous Factorini Provente Shift Kit is now available for the Ducati Twins.

Factorini Provente designed and manufactured Microbearing Detent Arm and Factorini Provente designed Detent Spring will firm up the shift feel and virtually eliminates missed shifts - both upshifting and downshifting and neutral is easier to find.

Trackday and race bikes

Eliminates the need for that old, annoying "ducati trick" of removing the "really kinda necessary" neutral detent that was done to quicken up the shifting on trackday and race bikes ..... (did I mention that when I put a bike in neutral on the dyno, that I really prefer it to STAY in neutral and not "wander into 1st gear by itself? :-)

Shifts quicker.  Misses fewer shifts.
Perfect to install when working on the clutch.
Feels loads better.
Decreases Shift Kill time by 5ms to 10ms if using a quick shifter.

Remove the clutch assembly, remove the RH engine cover  - bolt in the kit.

Includes: Factorini Provente Microbearing Detent Arm and Factorini Provente Detent Spring.
(This kit does not include a clutch cover gasket)

Installation: Less than 2 hours to install with impact wrench and large socket set.

Can I install it myself?  Yes - If you can remove the clutch assembly, you can do this.

    May 23, 2013   From Leigh Thomas
Heather rode her bike for the 1st time since I put the shift kit in. I asked if she liked it, this was her response.
"Yes! Much better. Much smoother. Thank you. :)"

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

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Just rode bike awesome shifting, smooth, smooth smooth
Mike Hoak
August 2013

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

For when you decide that you want lighter feeling shift lever action for better feel.
A lighter foot shift pressure is less unsettling.
Decreases lever effort required to make a shift.
 Makes foot shift pressure more like other sportbikes.
Since you are not having to push so hard to move the lever, it's easier to find neutral.

Like your rearsets? But, no matter how you lube, shim, adjust the arcs, angles and lengths, it's still annoyingly stiff to shift?

Factory Pro "GP Gold" series EPROM chip - the only chip that works.


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This is the 1.6 Magneti Marelli ecu that the Factory Pro chip works in.

Ducati 748r, 00-01
with 16AW ecu

This is THE only Chip that civilizes the 748r.

Tired of hearing
 "The reason the 748r runs poorly is:"
1. "It's the c****y gas we have here"
2. It's a racebike - it's not supposed to run at low rpm..."

Well - here's the story....
1. The 748r doesn't run well in:
 the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland. South Africa, Denmark, Bermuda, and even ITALY.
So - even in Italy, where the bike was originally tuned, it didn't run well.

2. Tired of hearing: "It's a racebike."

The 748r doesn't run well at low rpm AND part throttle / high rpm. Every race bike in the world has to run at part throttle - and the stock 748 chip actually cuts out at high rpm / part throttle. No wonder the teams that raced them replaced the ECU with programmable ones and hired an electronics engineer to run it.

Well - we figured out the chip programming issue and custom tuned many, many AMA Pro Thunder Ducatis, (including Debi Venega's Ducati) - stock and modified on our EC997 dyno facility at many AMA National Roadraces. Talk about acid test.

FIX part throttle operation, removes 3k stumbling, 4k-5.5k flat spot, pulls harder through midrange and topend, runs right at part throttle - even at 9k - even in neutral!!
Cruises better -  much nicer bike, now.

feedback report

Custom 748r Tune


San Francisco Bay Area

Custom Chip Tuning by Marc Salvisberg

When your bike is modified or "just different" and you know that it could run better.

Fuel and ignition settings are carefully adjusted so that  you can cruise without surging or burbling, open up the throttle at any realistic rpm and rev out with the best midrange and topend that your engine package can deliver.

Out of state customers welcome - takes 2-3 days.

415 472 4962

Email Marc

Date:  Sept 2008
location: Denmark

Hi again Marc


I just want to thank you for the new chip. All the problems I had with my bike are gone. It's running just like you promised on your site.

I had many thoughts abut if it was overkill for me to by the 748r with no experience in driving a motorcycle. But with your chip I know it was the right thing for me. What a great bike.


Jens Peter Sorensen


Custom Tune

Anybody who purchases one of our standard chips, as listed above, is eligible for chip credit as applied towards a custom mapset as done on our Low Inertia EC997 dyno  with 4 Gas EGA in San Rafael, CA.

 I don't really care who you bought it through or how much  you paid or even when you bought it.
 I'll take our current listed chip price and apply it towards our current custom mapset charges. Example: