HRC ecu tuning software

cbr600rr 05/06 (probably 03-04, and not 07 and later)
(unknown about all years, but does the 05/06 and maybe earlier 03/04 series. Does not work with 08..

1.   EK5K_ig5 (zipped) (setup for HRC software)


This software may not be the most current version of the software. I haven't yet found "the place" to get it. If somebody has a more recent version, I'd happily take a copy.
It doesn't work without the HRC Interface cable, so it's not stealing.

If you have the proper interface cable and it won't READ your ECU and you DO have your com ports properly configured, DO NOT(!) try to "write" to the ecu!!! You WILL scramble your ecu and nobody will be able to "fix" it, even HRC.

2. Notes:

The sample "test003.E2P table supplied with the install program has rather interesting throttle position steps, so, use cbr6,use.E2P as your base, starting table.

For additional tuning information, Factory Pro Tuning Centers.