Pro Shift Kit

The Microbearing detent arm and spring kit.

The "roller bearing detent arm, FP spring and a gasket" kits are designed to get rid of most missed shifts, are about 10%-15% firmer than stock to shift, but do the job of speeding up shifting and help keeping missed shifts from damaging your gears. Firmer spring to speed up shifting and less friction with the roller bearing to let the shift drum move quicker.

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These 1-2 hour installation kits change the feel of your bike's transmission.
Quicker, easier, shifting - A "twitch" on the lever and the throttle and you are in the next gear. Perfect for track use and road riding for effortless downshifts into a corner.

Makes shifting almost effortless, whether and easy shift in town or a rapid series of wild downshifts going into a tight corner on a racetrack.
The "secret" of many AMA, CCS and WERA Teams, including #1 USA National Endurance Vesrah Racing.

Virtually eliminates missed shifts, upshifting or downshifting.

The speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved and the transmission gears and shift forks are protected from damage caused by missed shifts.

Factory Pro Microbearing Detent Arm and heavy duty detent spring and the appropriate gaskets. Contents may vary depending on the kit, call 800 869 0497 for details.

 Installation requires clutch assembly removal (perfect to install when replacing clutch plates
or chain removal and maybe water pump on some bikes that have the shift mechanism below the countershaft sprocket.

The closest to a "paddle shifter" for a motorcycle that you'll ever find!!

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We introduced the "Pro Shift Kit".
In this step, we added some elegance to the concept - We build new detent arms equipped with a microbearing instead of a riveted disc, as many  stock arms have. This time, instead of just "pushing harder" like the first "Shift Kits", we went the next step and removed a bunch of  rotational friction - so with the slightly heavier spring to push harder and the microbearing to reduce friction - ahhh!!!  Even easier, even quicker and it made missing a shift as rare as a lottery win in a 300 million lottery or that call from that big roadrace team......

Typical Pro Shift Kit
($89.95 - $99.95 kits usually include these parts + a gasket)


Hi Marc,

I want you to know that I was really impressed with the shift kit in my Kawasaki 636 ZX 6R.

The bike (not me) has missed shifts before and once I got the kit in it not only didn't miss
anymore but felt smooth and positive and actually easier all around to shift it. The best part
of it was I just didn't have any attention on it at all.

Thank you for making such a fine product. It WORKS.

Keith Code
California Superbike School

Ever wonder what goes on when you move the shift lever?
Click pic for movie. This is the Aprilia.

Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:40:11 -0500
From: dpein <>
Subject: Re: VFR Shift Kit Order

Your timing is perfect - I just rode it today for the first time since installing the vfr750 Shift Kit. Outstanding! I had read posts on the VFR sites about how it was so stiff and much tighter than stock, so I was expecting a difficult transition. I found it much more positive than the stock, I did not get any false neutrals downshifting to first, and It felt butter smooth in all gears. I have been wrenching for years and I followed your very detailed instructions carefully. I will admit that shifting through the gears with my hand on the shifter was more difficult than using my boot! Thanks for a great product!
Dave Peins

Comment: My experience is that the VFR people who used our microbearing detent arm but ended up not using the supplied spring and, instead, used the stock spring were often the guys who rode in cloth-topped athletic shoes. That's ok, because, even with the stock spring, it will still be better than stock shifting. Marc



I got the shift kit installed, and it works like a charm.

Bob Reynolds

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