Oh noooo!!! Not another story from the days of when we didn't have air pumps and had to stuff our tires with leaves.......

At Daytona, in the cbr600f2 days, we had a racer who was using our H09 carb kit.

He was talking to a well known Honda mechanic (first name initial: M).
M wanted him to use the HRC brand carb kit, but he wanted the rider to talk to somebody and get the drill bit for the "secret" HRC F2 carb mod.

The rider asked me if I knew what he was talking about.

I said that I didn't know what the HRC secret was as I'd never seen an HRC kit, but the normal, retail, Factory Pro race kit did a main air jet mod and the FP kit had the drill bit supplied in the kit that I had already given him.
The maj mod was good for 2-3 True hp at high rpm, with no losses at low or midrange.

I asked him to show M the drill bit that came in the FP kit. He did, and M said "that's right" and asked where he got it. The rider told him that it's a normal part of the Factory Pro jet kit.

"Really?" said M

Both HRC and Factory Pro independently ended up doing the same maj mod.
The dynojet people with their dynojet dyno........didn't. In fact, they went backwards and made the maj smaller.

I'd rather be like HRC.....

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