Ever wonder what those numbers are on the connectors">


Ever wonder what those numbers are on the connectors, relays, and other electrical bits on your European car or motorcycle?
Those are the DIN (European) standard pinout numbers.
Want to know what they mean? Check our Factory Pro Handy Table (FPHT!) below!

1 Low voltage (ignition coil, ECU) 72 Alarm switch
ECU with two separate pickups: 76 Loudspeaker
1a      Low voltage to pickup 1 Switch:
1b      Low voltage to pickup 2 81      Input (open)
4 High voltage (ignition coil, ECU) 81a      Output 1 (open)
ECU with two separate coils: 81b      Output 2 (open)
4a      To coil 1 82      Input (closed)
4b      To coil 2 82a      Output 1 (closed)
15 Switched + output from battery via ign. switch 82b      Output 2 (closed)
30 Input directly from battery + 82z      Input 1 (closed)
Return to battery: 82y      Input 2 (closed)
31      - (ground) Multi-pole switch:
31b      - (ground) via Switch 83      Input
Electric motor: 83a      Output 1
32      v- 83b      Output 2
33      v+ Current relay:
Starter switch: 84      Input (+) (coil and switch)
45      Output to starter motor (high current) 84a      Coil output (-)
48      Input (starter switch) 84b      Switch output
Turn signal flasher: Switching relay:
49      Input 85      coil output (-)
49a      Output 86      coil input (+)
50 Starter motor control (direct) 87      switch input (open or switched)
55 Fog lamp 87a      first output (open)
56 Headlamp 87b      second output (open)
56a High-beam/indicator 87c      third output (open)
56b Low beam 88      switch input (closed only)
57 Side marker lights 88a      first output (closed)
58 Tail and instrument lamps 88b      second output (closed)
61 Charge indicator 88c      third output (closed)
Horn relay: Alternator:
71      Input J        Excitation winding (+)
71a      Output (low) K        Excitation winding (-)
71b      Output (high) Mp        Center point terminal