Indicated RPM

"Indicted rpm" is the rpm displayed on the bike's tachometer.

"Indicated RPM" may not be the True RPM, as it's not uncommon for manufacturers to inflate the rpm value, probably for sales reasons.
Examples would be the Honda cbr250rr, which didn't really rev to 19,000 rpm, the Suzuki "kit" tachs in the late 90's and early 00's that magically made your bike rev 1500 rpm higher before it hit the rev limiter, the Kaw zx6r tachs that read a fairly common 12% to 15% inflation factor (I hope I didn't leave anybody out, I'd want to make sure that one manufacturer wasn't mad at me....)
There are some Japanese mfg tachs that read correctly, too.

Magnetti Marelli and the Delphi Harley Davidson fuel injection seem to read correctly. That's not a complete list, but it's just what comes to mind on Sunday morning 

Factory Pro uses "indicated" rpm in some applications, as it's what the rider would report.

The recent 2006 R6 Yamaha "tach flap" was a bit singled out, even though the main mover on that "RPM Revolt" was aware that many other bikes had "happy reading" tachs.
I emailed him with a list, but I think that additional information didn't fit in.........