Microtec Ducati tuning software download: Factory Pro

Microtec MON 197 ver 1.3, zipped

The Microtec MMON 197 program uses an FTDI usb > serial converter cable.

So do many others.

Each of the "FTDI" drivers may or may not have modifications made to it that may or may not make it not work with whatever "other" program or "FTDI" cable you are using.

If you have multiple programs that use "FTDI" chipsets in their usb>serial converter cables, sometimes the drivers incorrectly link.

You have to uninstall the particular "FTDI" drivers - unplug the cable and then (with cable unplugged) run the EXE install program to reinstall the driver.
If you let Windows automatically install the driver, it will install the wrong driver.

Tune ECU, TuneEdit and Microtec, on the same computer can have issues - such as, connecting at idle but losing com at higher rpm.

I usually just try to reinstall the drivers from the CD with the EXE file and USUALLY, that solves the problem. 

I supplied the Microtec Ducati software for a download but not Microtec support..