Removing old Race Tuner and Super Tuner: Oct 2011

Note: "Dammit Jim, I'm a tuner, not a programmer!"

As "everybody"  has likely heard, Windows Remove program XP Pro sometimes leaves "stuff" in the registry file. The reg entries seem to be related to Race and early Super Tuner's less than consistent use of Nolan's well respected Microsoft Access database utilities.
Race Tuner and Super Tuner appear to get tripped up when reading or writing or attempting to communicate to a faulty ecm connection. Sometimes it gets tripped up by a particular tune file. There might need to be more error checking routines in the Race and early Super Tuner programming. I have few if any problems with "Nolan errors" since about 2010 or 2009 versions of Super Tuner. (now I've hexed it! :-)

About 50% of the time, after a "Nolan Error Blue Screen" (BSOD) episode with Race Tuner / Super Tuner, the installation will get corrupted and Race or Super or computer will occasionally or consistently BSOD.

I'm not sure what would happen if one just deleted the Super and Race Tuner and "mdb" entries in the registry file. Maybe the program will recreate the entries. That's what our EC997 dyno software does but I don't know about Race and early Super Tuner..
REVO Uninstaller found the registry entries that references to Race or Super Tuner and "mdb" Access files. After removing the program and those entries, I could reload Race and Super again. (sometimes with better results!) I'm sure that there are other Uninstallers that would work equally well.

Don't call Nolan. Their Access db utility works well by itself. They didn't write Race Tuner or Super Tuner and embed the utilities. Really - DON'T call! I tried and got the idea that he's been fielding frustrating Race Tuner questions for many years and has no answers (and I even attempted bribery) for Race Tuner users. They have no idea how the Race / early Super Tuner programmer implemented their utilities.

If you have any more information to add, email
computer brand model video card Race Tuner SERT Super Tuner
Dell Precision M60 NVIDEA Quadro FX Go700 ?

yes, 1 session, no Nolan error
Only Super Tuner loaded (not SERT)

haha - worked once then the hard disc scrambled..... f disk and boots up again.... will try again.

Dell Inspiron   ?


Dell Latitude   ?


Panasonic CF-48
Master -
Steady Eddie
ATI Usually works, about one Nolan per 5 sessions
Crashes program (no nolan) if program encounters unexpected comm loss
Usually works, one Nolan per 5 sessions
Panasonic CF-48 ATI Was working 95% of time,
Installed Super Tuner and now
Nolan error when starting SERT
Nolan error when starting Super Tuner
Panasonic CF-48 ATI Never worked
Nolan error when starting VCI communication
Panasonic CF-72
ATI Never worked
Nolan error when starting SERT