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TuneECU Tasks - How to

Reset TPS
Aprilia - Sagem
Benelli - Sagem
Triumph - Sagem
Reset Adaptive tables
KTM - 690 and 990
Triumph - post ver 1.9.6 software
Triumph - ver 1.9.6 and earlier software



 (ref to workshop manual for model-specific procedures. Some of these procedures may not apply at all to certain models.)

Reset TPS (resets throttle to zero position)

Triumph, Benelli & Aprilia - Sagem ECU,

  1. Ignition and Run switch on but engine off
  2.  Double-click the Reset TPS button
  3. This sets closed throttle position to a temporary high value.
  4. Start engine and let idle long enough for the ECU to trim the value down to match the set target idle RPM (60 seconds), at this process, don't touch the throttle.

Reset O2 Adaption tables to ZERO - when using O2/ Lambda sensor

Triumph - Sagem ECU

If the O2 sensor/sensors are connected and activated, the ecu records the amount of correction required to attain whatever O2 value the manufacturer determined was the goal. The ecu stores that correction in an Adaptation table and uses it on top of the main fuel tables - then the ecu uses the O2 sensor data to further fine tine to whatever O2 value it wants to use. Look at it this way - the Adaptation table gives the ecu a head start in attaining it's O2 sensor value goals.
Zeroing out the Adaptation table will restart the Adaptation table at all "zero" correction.
Why would you "zero" the table?
I'd zero the adaptation tables if I was using or not using the O2 sensors - as a matter of consistency.
At this point in time, you can't see the Adaptation tables. It would be better if we could see them and have a table relationship definition.

1. Ensure bike is seeing a closed throttle position (CTP)
2. Bike in Neutral
3. Coolant temperature between 80-96°C
4. Minimum air box temperature of 21°C
5. Now with clutch pulled, the speed even bring about 3000 1/min, hold the clutch pulled and let the engine
    run at idle for at least 30 seconds.

Check bike is adapted by viewing Lambda Fuel.
Figures should be "toggling" +4 to -4

Don't forgot to check IACV steps are 20 - 35

Reset Adaption,
prior to version 1.9.6
Reset TPS
(Keihin ECU)

Triumph only
Process will be launched in the test window (Reset Adaption).

<Menu> ECU--- Reset Adaption

After each download, a Adaption reset is needed.
1. Turn the ignition off and back on again.
2. Wait 10 seconds and turn the ignition off again.
3. Turn the ignition on.  Wait until TuneECU has connected automatically and select Reset Adaption
     from the ECU menu.
4. Start the engine and let it idle until the TPS light in the status bar becomes green – around 10 to 15
    minutes, at this process, don't touch the throttle.

The manufacturer of Triumph motorcycles describes the way of the standard adaptation for Keihin
models as follows:

1. Ensure the transmission is in neutral.
2. Ensure the ECM has no stored faults (DTCs).
3. WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THROTTLE, start the engine and allow it to warm up to 90°C (60°C on
    Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, and Speedmaster models).
4. Leave the engine to idle for a further 12 minutes.

• If during an adaption cycle the conditions are no longer met, for example if the motorcycle is ridden, the
motorcycle may not be fully adapted. The adaption process will continue each  time the conditions are met
again, and the engine has idled for longer than 3 seconds.

Following the description for the fast adaptation method with the Triumph Diagnostic Tool:

To start a fast adaption:
    Connect the diagnostic tool, select ADJUST TUNE (Map) and select RESET ADAPTIONS.
    This will force a fast adaption routine to take place in around 5 seconds. For this to happen,
    the engine must be running, it must be at normal operating temperature and in closed loop control
. Under any other conditions (such as with the engine not running) fast adaption will not take place
    and may cause default values to be loaded, which may then require a normal 12 minute adaption routine
    to be run.

The fast adaptation method is feasible even with TuneECU.

• Using the fast adaption method above with the engine off and the ignition on will reset the adaptions to
   their default (not adapted) factory settings. A full 12 minute adaption routine will then be required.
• Both methods only adapt the idle area - the off idle area can only be adapted when the motorcycle is
   ridden under load, i.e. on the road.
• The off idle adaption area covers cruise sites from 30 to 90 mph (50 to 145 kmh), so the motorcycle must
   be ridden in this area to adapt. As it is not always possible for dealers to adapt motorcycles in this way,
   it is not a problem, then the motorcycle will perform continue adapting during normal use.

Reset Adaption -
KTM only: with Keihin ECU

990cc models SD, SM, and Adventure:

The 990s must be on the center stand, and are thus stand vertically. For SD / SM models use a Paddock
Stands or the side stand with a piece of wood underneath.
The engine must be cold.
There should be the coolest possible air temperature outside, this can be very helpful for a lower fuel consumption.
Start the engine and let it run at idle for 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes, not use the throttle or any other
The 15 minutes need to be strictly adhered to, and must not fall below. The time can only be exceeded by
a maximum of one minute.
Should the engine go out, then re-start ONLY, do not begin 15 minutes again. (Source: German KTM Forum)

690cc models:

After downloading a FI-map, start the engine and let runnig it idle (without touching accelerator) for
15 minutes, then turn it off.
After downloading a EP-map, Following a mapping download into the ECU, turn off the ignition (key) , turn on the ignition, slowly rotate the Throttle until full throttle then slowly close the throttle, turn off the ignition.

Reset TPS

Benelli -  Walbro ECU
(TNT, Tornado 1130 and TREK models)

In testing mode, double-click "Reset TPS"


TPS and ISCV- Stepper Adjustment- Keihin - only Triumph

It is done in several steps. Read the workshop manual. The third dial shows the voltage (V), allowing the adjustment of the position and adjustment of the controller.
For this purpose has "Champ87" from "" the example of a Triumph Sprint 1050 model
2006, wrote an excellent sticky. With his permission, here also the guide as a PDF file.

Adjusting the throttle cable - only KTM
The idle speed control stepper motor will be completely retracted and the throttle valves completely closed.
Switch the ignition switch off, WITHOUT exiting or disconnecting the software, and adjust the throttle cable clearance.

Idle Fuel Trim (CO adjust) only models without O² Probe

This can only be set when the engine temperature is between 80-95 degrees C.

1. Ignition on, start TuneECU
2. start the engine
3. open in TuneECU the test panel.
On the left side, below, you find the switch "Idle Fuel Trim (CO)" here can you change the value.
But you also need a co-tester, TuneECU even shows only a notional value and not the percentage of CO.

Adjust Stepper Motor (IACV) -Sagem

Double-click to adjust IACV. (in the Tests Window)
It is possible to reset these two last parameters by right-clicking the arrows active during the adjustment.

Long Term Fuel Trim (Sagem only)
Double-click to adjust the parameter.

Clear fault codes
<Menu> ECU Erase Error Codes
In "Diagnostics" or "Tests" mode, this will erase stored error codes and messages in the ECU. If the faults that caused these error codes were not rectified (eg. faulty sensor) then the error codes will again be re-generated and stored in the ECU.

All provided information on the sides of TuneECU have been made ​​in good faith,
but make no claim to completeness and correctness.

*** END ***