There are several modes of fuel injection box failure - All ECU's are subject to.

  1. Map loss
    1. FI controllers generally save maps by "flashing" or "burning" or "writing" the desired map into the "Flash" memory area of the microprocessor in the FI controller - or - into a less common "Prom" (programmable, read only memory chip).
      In a power commander, for instance, when you hit "Send" table or map, it burns the map into the flash memory area.
      1. Failure mode: You write a map and it seems to work fine, but some time later, days, weeks or months, the map changes back to the originally programmed map (or something else) - dumping your custom map. You reprogram the map and it works fine for a while, but eventually gets lost again.
        It looks like if the map gets lost once, that that FI controller will likely do it again and should be replaced.
        If you know what the FI controller microprocessor is, you can do an internet search and "program loss" for more detail. 
  2. High rpm output loss - feels and sounds like a "rev limiter)
    1. This is a dying controller box. The output circuitry is internally shorting or developing a permanent open circuit (somewhere internally). It may happen, then if you let the unit cool, it may work OK, till it's hot again. It is extremely hard on the vehicle's stock ECU, slamming it with unexpected transient voltages. It is possible to ruin the stock ECU if the FI controller fails in this mode.
  3. Input precision and data processing corruption
    1. Sometimes the FI controller will begin to fail and it will provide scattered rpm or throttle position information. This can be caused by a failing analog to digital converter, poor physical signal conditioning, poor software filtering or simply sloppy programming. If it "was" ok and stable, and begins, at some point in time, to provide "scattered" data (like this did last night on an 05 999s Ducati - click here),

  4. Communication loss (intermittent or permanent)
    1. When you are programming or monitoring a running engine, the FI controller intermittently locks up the tuning software. Communication error notifications appear on the computer screen. You computer may lock up and need to be rebooted. This is more likely to happen at around 8000 rpm, not so common at lower rpms.
      1. BIG warning. The FI controller is sending voltage spikes to your computer. These spikes relatively easily travel though a poorly shielded mini plug USB comm system.
  5. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
    1. Usually follows the above. VERY bad for your computer. Voltage spikes have entered the system and scrambled the computer processor or memory and the system is shutting down.

  6. Blue Screen of Death and ensuing hard disc death
    1. Repeated attempts (2 or 3+?)to continue using an FI controller that has flakey USB communication and is generating BSOD's is entirely likely to destroy your hard disc. The voltage spikes, entering through a poorly shielded USB system (cable and internal shielding or internal hardware design ) scramble the hard disc control and the arm will chatter across the hard disc, physically ruining it.
      It seems that it's not an every day occurrence, but I've lost 2 laptop hard discs over the last few years while tuning and experienced many BSOD's - and only when using an FI controller with a "mini" USB connection.

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