Graph Screen  
No Data recorded:

All data may be "cold".

This means that the program cannot find any valid recorded data to graph out in the file you clicked on. You can see the data in the notes if the file actually has recorded data, but - no graph and "No Data..." error message appears.

1. If no lines of Speed, HP, Torque were recorded, the file was saved, probably accidentally, before any testing was done. That happens commonly when new to the software.

2. If there are lines of data recorded, but they won't graph out, then you will probably see a letter, usually a small "c" in front of every recorded HP, etc. number. That would indicate that the test data was performed under "Warmup" mode on the Test Screen and the test was stopped before progressing into the EGA Phase (which are recorded without a letter prefix).
To recover accidentally "warmup" recorded data, simply edit out each of the letters, across the whole line of data and they will graph out.
There is usually a minimum of 3 lines of valid, graphable data required before the graphing routine will allow a graph.

Properly speaking, the steady state test should be done, first with the "Warmup" checked, up to about 2/3rd's of the rev limit (you can set that rpm the Test Setup Screen on the Test Screen any time during the test) and then, when you reach the top rpm limit for the "Warmup Phase", the software will automatically drop you back to the starting rpm and you can do your full set of more valid data in the EGA Phase.

Any time you have data in a file that you want to keep, but, you don't want that line of data to graph out, insert a letter, I use "x" for misc. reasons and "h" for "hot" and the graph routine will not recognize that number as a number and it will skip it. You have to add it to all the numbers on the line.

Test Screen  
"Check Com Port" On the Test Screen, that means that your computer is not seeing Speed and Load data from the DAQ box (aka "black box").

1. Cycle power on the black box or turn it on.

If not,

2. Check the computer / black box serial or usb cable for connection.

if ok,

3. Call 800 869-0497 or try manually selecting com ports in the dynocal.ini file.