EGA Pump

EGA pump efficiency greatly affects the speed of the integrated 4/5 Gas EGA system.

Over time, the pump will accumulate carbon and fiberglass and begin to pump slower - slowing from the usual 2-3 second response time.

Weekly or if it seems that EGA response appears slow on the strip chart while testing, check the inlet and outlet filters.

  1. Replace the primary filter's 40 micron element if it appear dirty or are plugged.

  2. Check and replace the intermediate filter's element

  3. And! There may be another filter inside the EGA box! It's a simple, VW type inline fuel filter.  You can replace it with a similar unit from an auto parts supply house.

If the gas response rate still seems slow, it's time to clean the EGA 110v pump.

The pump should definitely suck on one side and blow on the other.

If it doesn't, take off the pump head and clean the valve plate, reed valves and pump body.

Check that the check reed valves are seating. Over time, debris will accumulate under the reed valves, holding them open.

Reassemble and test for strong vacuum on the inlet side and blows strongly on the pump outlet side.


    True Rear Wheel HP  measurement on the EC997!