Dyno assembly

EC997 Dyno System Contents:

1    Dynamometer
1    8' Ramp (optional)
1    Work Station cabinet (optional)
1    Black Box, control and measurement (19" rack mount)
1    EC997 Dyne Control and Display
2    high pressure fans, 1hp, 1 phase (optional)
1    PAU, big grey wall box
1    power supply cable, large
1    EGA (grey floor mounted box)
1    EGA pump (110 vac - ~7 lbs)
1    cable, thick, goes to wall and big grey box
1    cable, siamesed, goes to black box and speed and load sensors
1    Infrared heat gun (optional)
1    Weather Station, Davis
1    Tachometer, universal, Electro Specialties (optional)
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how to connect cables to PAU box....

PAU Power Supply Box
(gray box)


220 volt, single phase, 10 amp
dedicated  service to
power the PAU box
(all new units)


110 volt, 30 amp
dedicated  service to
power the PAU box
(no longer available)

All eddy current dynes

Gray box

contains 110vac to 90vdc variable converter.

Takes variable 0-5vdc and constant 110vac inputs and delivers variable 0-90vdc to eddy current brake on the dyno to control the load.

dyno_PAU box,bottom.jpg (103353 bytes)

LH cable:

Large, round 9 pin connector,
  small gray cable,
9 pin serial connector on back of   "Black Box".
Middle cable:

Small round,
3 spade  3/4" black rubber cable
to eddy current brake
  power terminal strip.

dyn-brake,wire.jpg (21045 bytes)

On dyno, at EC brake.

RH cable:
PAU Power

3/4" black rubber cable,
Hardwired inside
PAU Power Supply Box -
the other end connects to
  110vac 30 amp. circuit.

Use "Twistlock" type plug
to connect to wall
 power supply
 (cust. supplied)

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how to wire PAU Box and EC brake for power...

Brake Power Supply Cable





All eddy current dynes

Thick, black, 3 wire, rubber covered cable.

Aprox. 20 feet in length.

(Sometimes preinstalled)

0-90vdc wire diagram:   Connect as shown.

Green is the ground wire and is attached to the eddy current brake frame.
dyn-brake,wire.jpg (21045 bytes)
The other end of the 1/2" thick rubber insulated cable has a special 3 wire round connector and goes to the middle socket on the bottom of the large Gray PAU Power Supply Box.

Middle cable goes to
EC Brake
dyno_PAU box,bottom.jpg (103353 bytes)
Smaller, black, round, 3 spade connector, 3/4" black rubber cable to eddy current brake power terminal strip as shown at left.

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EC Brake

All eddy current dynes

No need for now, but every December 31st and June 30, grease the brake.

Use only
Mobilith AW2 grease

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how to connect load cell and speed sensor...

Load Cell and
integral cable assembly

all eddy current dynes


Do not drop the load cell or subject it to harsh shocks.


The load cell cable will have extra length. Coil and store in dyne under brake cover, away from the EC brake.

1. There will be a dummy spacer in the load cell location (at the EC brake) during shipping. Remove it.
2. Install load cell, either side up, with supplied bolts, onto the torque arm.
3. Adjust eye length so that torque arm is level.
4. Loctite mounting bolt nuts. (located next to the eddy current brake)

dyn-loadcell.jpg (24088 bytes)  dyno_speed wire con.jpg (9898 bytes)

5.Connect male screw-in connector on black speed sensor to female connector on the gray main harness.

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how to set clearance on speed sensor...

Speed Sensor

clearance adjustment

all eddy current and inertia dynes

dyno_speed sensor.jpg (49735 bytes)
Sensor / wheel clearance: .015" - .025" at closest point.
Loosen clamp and adjust.
By hand, rotate the drive roller and check
for minimum clearance at several points.

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how to connect Speed Sensor cable...

Speed Sensor cable App
all eddy current and inertia dynes

Attaches to the gray "Siamesed" cable. One side of the siamesed cable is a larger,  25 pin connector that goes to the back of the "Black Box".
The other ends connect to the speed sensor and the load cell.

dyno_speed wire con.jpg (9898 bytes)

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how to connect connect sensor cables and computer and Black Box together...

Black Box connect

all EC and inertia dynes

dyno_assy_blackbox,back.jpg (139754 bytes)

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how to wire fans for power...

Fans, std package
w/ 1hp, single phase motor

all std fan packages

110 vac single phase wiring diagram, below

dyn_fan wire1.jpg (173867 bytes)
Click pic to view larger picture


    True Rear Wheel HP  measurement on the EC997!