EC997 Dyno Test Flow Chart

2. Check / change Test Setup Screen

3. Test Screen - do test
1. Start at Graph Screen

4. Update notes for this last test and save file in directory and you've made the Tuning Circle - right back to the Graph Screen where your latest test is graphed out against your Reference File - and you are presented with the Test Results that you've just done.   5 to 15 minutes - even with writing a decent set of notes.


EC997 Dyno Test Procedures-detailed

Power ON:

  1. EGA (stainless steel or gray box with filters - fan comes on!)

  2. Black Box  (green light = good!)

  3. PAU (big gray box, green light = good!)

  4. Weather Station (displays current atmos. conditions - Change Units if necessary).

  5. Computer

Open DYNOEGA32 program

  1. Open Dyno ega32.exe program.

  2. Select Brand, Model and customer name to get to test that you want to use as REFERENCE setup file.

  3. SELECT file to graph with 2 LH clicks OR use 1 LH click - hold down and drag it to right and let go go LH button.

  4. Select file, highlight it with 1 LH click.


  1. All TEST setup values will be there - from the REFERENCE file that you selected and highlighted on the GRAPH SCREEN.

  2. Make changes (Start rpm? End RPM? RPM Increment?) on this screen.

  3. When finished, LH click on "TEST".

on the.....TEST SCREEN

IF it's a different bike or you've changed the rear tire or gearing - it's a good idea to recheck or reset the Tach Ratio -
For a quick check - double LH click on a higher rpm, like 80% of redline, and spin it up at 100% throttle and verify that the Tach Ratio is correct or still correctly.

Resetting or setting the TACH RATIO
(it's on the Test Screen)

  1. On the main menu bar, click on "SETUP", "Set Tach Ratio".

  2. The Tach Setup Screen will pop up and will display a Target RPM. That's a software calculated number based on a rounded off number that's about 2/3 of the End RPM that you checked or reset in the previous Test Setup Screen. Do a rough check that it makes about "2/3rds" sense to what you think it should be, based on what bike you are testing. The general idea is that to get a good, relevant ratio, you need to be in the power band of the engine to get the right tire "creep" rate.

  3. This is what it looks like. On the Test Setup Screen, we had 13,000 rpm as our End RPM.

    Put the bike in top gear, roll the throttle on full and the dyno will hold it at what "it" thinks is 10,000 rpm.... but it might hold it at 9460 on your reference tach, for example. Well - that's not right, so -

  4. Type in 9460 under Loaded rpm and hit Apply (not "OK"..., yet)

    The Tachometer Ratio will be automatically calculated. Try again.

  5. Hit OK when you have typed in some Loaded rpm that makes it equal to the Target rpm.

    Now, you've derived a valid tach ratio for your test and it will carry over into your Test.

    If you happen to go back into the Graph Screen and reenter the Test Screen, you will lose your new Tach Ratio, so keep an eye out for that.

    Stock tachometers are notoriously optimistic or right on or somewhere in between . If you use the stock Tach for your Reference Tach, it will be repeatable, but not necessarily correct. Generally the stock tach numbers are used on a carbureted bike and on an FI bike, you'd use the rpm numbers from the software of the Teka 4usb, PC3, Tuneboy, HD Race Tuner or whatever flavor of tuning thingamabob you are using.

Zero EGA -
Take probe out of exhaust, first - to sample clean air. RH button menu - select "ZERO" - Allow EGA to finish zeroing.

Put EGA probe into exhaust.

Start engine.

Put in TOP gear and let out clutch -

1. Open throttle 100%.

2. Engine will stop at RPM displayed on the GREEN STATUS BAR.

3. STATUS BAR will turn RED - Count to 2 (for practice purpose) - Close throttle completely.

4. Let engine slow -

5. WAIT for 105c.

Do 1-2-3-4-5 again!

When you get to END RPM (from SETUP SCREEN), the rpms will start over again (forever!)

Start rpm to end rpm, then -

Save Test

RH click (for menu)

LH click on "Save Test".

Enter Atmos. Conditions from weather station
                    To change F to C, double LH click in text box.

LH click on "Save".

1. Update notes for this test,
(you can click on "Get notes from graph" to get notes from some other file)
2. Change SAVE directory location? You can add a new directory with "Add new directory". Careful :-) !
3. Change Filename description.

LH click on "Save then graph"

Now -
Select the file that you just saved (1 LH click, then double LH click or hold down LH button and drag it to the Selected File area.

Refresh the screen and enjoy!














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