Teka 4usb, Power Commander and TEKA 4 Tuning and every other FI system.....
Tuned for BEST power, smoothness and mileage  -
(not tuned to fictitious a/f ratio).

Power UP!!

EC997 dyno Power ON:

EGA (gray box with filters - fan comes on!) 2006 model EGA has 2 power lights - One for main power on and one for water separator power.
Black Box  (green light = good!)
PAU (big gray box, green light = good!)
Weather Station (displays current atmos. conditions - Change Units if necessary).
Computer and EC997 software UP.

Dyno Step Test procedures link for details on basic Step Test procedure.

The Power Commander (and similar boxes that use Throttle % RPM mapping schemes) require relatively simple tuning procedures that don't even tap the potential of the EC997!

The differences from a normal carburetor Step Test

1. Use the Power Commander software's RPM Display as the EC997's "Reference Tach" to Set Tach Ratio.
        (normally, we would use the bike's tachometer for the "Reference Tach").

2. Step Test to measure power are done at:
100% open, at power commander rpm increments
80% open
60% open
40% open
20% open
10% open, idle to as high rpm as it will go
5% open, as high as rpm will go,
02% throttle opening, as high as the rpm's will go

Sample Procedure:

  1. In Graph Screen, select a Reference File (or click on "New Test" for a completely new bike)

  2. Click "Go To Test" (RH menu click)

  3. Select "Step Test"

  4. Set Starting RPM (let's use 3000), Ending RPM and Increment (usually 1000, to start)

  5. Click "Go to Test".

  6. You will be at the "Test Screen".

  7. Click (on RH menu) "Set Tach Ratio"

  8. Follow instructions on "Set Tach Ratio" box. Hit "Apply" to test your settings.

  9. Click "OK" only when you are satisfied with the tach ratio and the bike and dyno agree under load.


  10. We will use 3000 rpm for example.

    1. On Test Screen "uncheck":

    2. Auto Increment (we want it to hold rpm at 3000 rpm)

    3. Auto Decelerate (no need)

    4. Auto Warmup (no need)

    5. CHECK, Yes for  Auto Record

  11. Test Power: Roll throttle open 100%. The EC997 will hold it at 3000 rpm. Hold long enough to get the CO% EGA trace to flatten and settle. Let off throttle. EC997 will record hp and gas readings.

  12. Make Teka 4usb or power commander change at 100% throttle / 3000 rpm. Generally, the Best Power will be found at between 3% and 6% CO%. If it's less than 3%, try adding a bit of fuel (maybe 3 or 4 on a pc3) and Test again at 3000. See what the power is. If more that 6% CO, lean it out a bit.

    1. If it's better when you richen it, richen it up a bit more. If worse, lean it out.

  13. Repeat till you can make a change richer or leaner and it loses power.

  14. Now, look at the Tuning Device's (TD) screen and do the same Test at 80% throttle.

  15. Repeat downward in the TD's throttle openings.



Test power again.

If better, richen or lean (whatever direction was beneficial to power) more at that rpm or throttle position.

Test power.

Repeat at different rpms and throttle positions.

Do fuel, then ignition till you get best power (probably take you 30 sec to a minute and 4-5 TD (tuning device) Teka 4usb or power commander changes.


You will never have a customer "comeback".

The only people who will disagree with your dyno results are people who are still in the Dark Ages with their O2 sensor generated "a/f ratio" who will exclaim: "Look at that A/F Ratio! It's "all messed" up! I can make it way better, let me fix it."

They can get their beloved $2000 "tuner" trained / "A/F Ratio" "right" but the power and smoothness will go away.......

And you'll see that customer again.....